Scandinavian Interior Design: A Study in Contrasts and Textures

Certain elements of Scandinavian interior design and Mid Century and Scandi furniture Melbourne are universal and individuals don’t have to be a professional interior designer to achieve a look that has become popular around the world. It’s a matter of combining neutral colors, natural light, botanicals, and functional furnishings in an effective way to achieve the desired look.

There’s a stark difference between the minimalistic philosophy of Spartan functionality and the warm coziness of minimalist Scandinavian interior design. Those new to the style need to exercise restraint to maintain décor that reflects the design while including elements of personal preference.

One of the most attractive aspects of Scandinavian interior design & Australian Scandinavian solid timber furniture for sale online is that there’s a variety of sub-sets within the style. It enables those that like the aesthetic appeal of the minimalistic design to pair it with elements that satisfy the desire for themes encompassing shabby chic and modern contemporary to farmhouse, coastal and sophisticated.

Scandinavian interior design utilizes soft colors and shades, along with a blend of contrasts and textures. Furnishings are contoured, comfortable and emphasize flowing lines that create a symmetrical look throughout. The design style takes full advantage of available natural light and minimal window treatments to facilitate the entrance of that illumination. The style is a smorgasbord of contrasts appropriate for homes and offices.

The interior design combines a myriad of neutral colors that can include white, ivory, and eggshell. Large mirrors are a standard feature that serves to make small rooms look larger and amplifies available natural light. Plants and botanicals are a standard feature in Scandinavian interior design, along with flooring of warm woods in light, neutral shades. Furnishings feature clean lines, there’s no clutter, and inviting accent rugs are favored.

One aspect of Scandinavian interior design is the obligatory fireplace. Traditionally located in a corner rather than in the center of a wall, in many professionally created designs the fireplace is the focal point in the room and the placement of furniture reflects that. Another piece of that design style is that Scandinavian solid timber dining room furniture and Scandi solid timber bedroom furniture take inspiration from Nordic design aesthectics.

Scandinavian interior design utilizes small bursts of color throughout to make a statement, especially in children’s rooms or in a solid timber dining tables online. That’s reflected in artwork, throws and pillows. It’s a warm, cozy and inviting look that’s earned enduring appeal around the world.